You can't be everywhere at once. Let Resort Visicam help by giving you access to images, weather data and more from all of your remote properties. Monitor active and potentially troublesome areas of your resort: Lift operations, personnel, equipment, ticket sales and cash management are only a few of the surveillance options at your disposal.

Our product gives you the ability to identify problem areas at your resort remotely: What happens when the boss isn't around? Deter theft and vandalism with superior image quality and clarity for facial recognition. Finally, obtain and retain evidence when damage or theft does occur.


Wouldn't it be great to know when and where people use on your property? How about controlling who can get in to secure areas? Resort Visicam not only lets you control access to secure areas but will also obtain photographic evidence of there entry and exit. Access control and supervision of parking garages & access gates, money operations, and employee areas are all remotely controllable.

View and record entry, exit and storage of company vehicles or other equipment, day or night. Our units are capable of recording bi-directional sound, they provide alarm notification, and the option to record only on activity. They're also weatherproof and fit nearly anywhere. If your needs grow after the initial installation, the system adapts with easy scaling.


Want more patronage? Resort Visicam adapts to any company's need for promotion. Web-based access to live images and video footage of your resort are sure to allure potential new and repeat customers. Embed your resort's logo in the footage concurrently with live weather data in streaming video. Access the stream from any web-connected device, including PDAs! Day and night lenses give unique views of your property any time a visitor connects.


Resort Visicam is tailored to your specific needs and is not a canned product. Give us a call today to see what we can put together for you. Our parent companies, Alpha Security & Weathermetrics provide our solutions. Anyone at either company will be able to assist you, though contacting us at the email below is the quickest way to get Resort Visicam working for you.